VLAN's: wlan has internet, wired doesn't(TP-Link C2600)

Last week I ditched my ISP's router/fiber with an Openvpn router behind that for a simple SFP media converter with the TP-L WDR-3600 now as main router. Got that working after a while. (made a post here afterwards to clear some things up)

Now in anticipation of higher internet speeds and generally having more devices in the house I switched that out for the TP-L C2600. Got it working mostly now, but one thing isn't: wired lan has no internet. I can ping devices wired>wlan no problem. Wlan has internet.

Now I realise that the C2600 has a different switch setup(2x CPU, eth0+eth1). This is the switch setup. (Vlan 300 is just renamed from vlan 2 , it needs to be for the fiber to work). This is the switch setup:

VLAN ID | CPU(eth0) | CPU(eth1) | LAN 1 | LAN 2 | LAN 3 | LAN4 | WAN
1       | o         | t         | u     | u     | u     | u    | o
300     | t         | o         | o     | o     | o     | o    | t

What is causing this? Can't seem to pin it down. Thanks in advance. (also disabled ipv6 when things didn't work to make things simpler, intend to activate it again later)
firewall config
network config

WDR3600 does not have an eth1. The only connection from the CPU to the switch is eth0. So make eth0 tagged in both VLANs and attach eth0.1 to the lan network.

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Thanks for the quick reply! The WDR-3600 was my previous router, I'm now trying to make it work on the Archer C2600. Tagging them both was indeed the way to make that work.

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