Although this device has been supported in the Openwrt releases for quite some time now, the documentation in the device's webpage is missing information about the switch and VLAN:

Moreover, the section 'Switch' is missing in the Luci interface and the default /etc/config/network has no relevant entries.

Does anybody have the configuration that needs to be added in the /etc/config/network to have Switch appear in Luci and get started with the configuration?

If not, is there an educated candidate configuration to use as a guess to start experimenting with to enable VLAN functionality? Although I have used VLANs in other devices I own, my understanding is that the switch configuration is very specific to each device (each one has its own temperament to say) and bricking the device can easily happen if the switch is improperly configured...

Your device is MT7621 based, so no more swconfig.

Thanks pavelgl. I did read the documentation about DSA, and I will get back with specific issues if any.

there's also Mini tutorial for DSA network config

I would recommend you to do the following before you start playing with DSA.

Remove some of the lan ports from the default bridge and use it to create a separate (temporary) wired management interface, or create an additional wireless interface for the same purpose.

This will save you some trouble until you get your configuration working.

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