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I've just installed a Tapo CCTV camera at the front of my house. It is connected to the Guest VLAN via ethernet.

I can view the camera on my phone's app.

I would like to view the camera footage on my home PC, but I'm having trouble with the firewall rules.

It, apparently, uses TCP port 554.

I've added the following rules, but I receive an error when accessing this URL in my PC's browser:

What am I doing wrong?

You can not do it this way! They send video feed at RTSP port 554 , not tcp.

I guess you should set up some kind of restreamer on the guest network. As far as i know tapo cameraes dont have http servers.

There is no RTSP option for the protocol.


It is not possible this way. You can not log into http://cameraip:554 when you are connected to the same guest network either. ? (Tapo cam`s do not have webserver),

I have a setup like yours, but i have a computer with Unreal mediaserver installed on same network as cameraes. http://umediaserver.net/

This software recives multiple rtsp streams and hosts a webserver. Then you can open port 80 to the webserver on the guest network.

Check demo here: Demo

I don't have a PC on that netwok. I do have a spare Raspberry Pi4, so I could perhaps configure that to work as the webserver.

For now, I've decided to move the camera to the LAN.

Thanks for your help.

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