VLANs, Captive Portal and External Firewall

Hey Guys,

Hope you can help - first real foray into OpenWrt. I have 2 x Belkin/Linksys E8450 - i have downloaded and installed the latest OpenWRT 22.03.3 onto them and they are both up and running and i can login

What i want to do is use CoovaChilli to present a captive portal to Wireless users (ultimately this will be used in a Cafe scenario and we will use an external provider to provide a Social Media login type page) so free wifi equals sign in with Facebook etc to enable ID tracking to ensure no bad actors use the system on an ongoing basis.

We have a Brocade 6450 onsite and have configured a Tagged VLAN that we wish to connect to switch port 4 - the VLAN ID is 86. Once users are authenticated they will then be directed out to the internet through this Brocade as the default gateway.

I believe for this to work i need to put Port 4, the CPU and the wireless interface(s) into the 86 VLAN - most tutorials on youtube etc seem to be based on older versions of OpenWrt - wondering if anyone could give me some pointers or point me to an up to date tutorial

[EDIT] Sorry i forgot to ask - as these will be used a Access Points only - would i then do DHCP from the two routers or from the Firewall for clients that attach via DHCP and do i need to put the units into AP mode as against full firewall/router mode ?



OK so if i understand it correctly - this device uses the new DSA kernel methodology and i have now found some YT videos on this.

I have started with this process and 1/2 way through after doing a save and apply the router has rebooted and is coming up with the screen system running in recovery mode - the system is telling me no password is set

Not sure why it has done this - i can still login to ssh but it is without a password (which i had previously set)

I followed the links provided on the here - https://github.com/dangowrt/owrt-ubi-installer/releases

and used the firmare linked in this repo.

Any ideas ?

I thought having read through this - this would do the complete replacement of the UBI system etc in the router. ?

[EDIT] followed the instructions in the Github issue and resolved this reboot


If the firmware doesn't come from the OpenWrt hosted downloads (downloads.openwrt.org or firmware-selector.openwrt.org), it is very likely not actually the official version of OpenWrt. And if that's the case, you need to ask the maintainers of the firmware that you have downloaded for help since they may have made material modifications to the code (making it operate differently than the official versions do).