Vlans and Routing/DHCP/DNS

First of all I want to say Hello Guys im new to posting here but have been using this forum religously for some time so thanks guys appreciate all the help

I'm trying to setup Vlans using the DSA model

and i'm having trouble with routing and dhcp

so i noticed I had an issue when lets pay port1 had vlan100 on it, vlan100s ip was when a node would connect it would auto populate 192.168.x.x (which isn't part of the router) or close to the routers ip like 223.101.0.X but never populate from the parameters of the Vlan.

So do i create one large scope in /etc/config/dhcp or dhcp config files for each vlan?

since I ran into that issue it led me to a thought (lol) how is the DNS server hosted on OpenWRT, when I create a vlan is the vlan now hosting its own DNS server or will OpenWRT always have the server authority?

Please explain

Lastly since DHCP isn't picking up i'm trying to understand what im missing in routing which should be simple yet im stumped

what is the proper way to have my node (my mgmt laptop) be able to access other vlans that are supposed to be isolated

Thanks guys