VLAN7 DSL config

Hi Community, i may have the answer already in mind but this way i want to verify :wink:

I am planning with VLAN untagged. My VLAN Matrix is almost finished and i was wondering if i have to take care about the VLAN.7 which is necesary to have the internet connection running on the router itself.

I think it should be ok to have the EtherPorts vonfigured with VLAN´s at the Router and the Router the is doing his job and internet access for the hosts from different VLAN is working then without having the VLAN.7 on the Ether port configured?

Thanks for your Opinion :slight_smile:

If you are in Germany you will need vlan7 exclusively for internet connection tagged on WAN port used as pppoe device.
You can partition rest of ports and wifis the way you like.


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