VLAN with DSA on WAN interface

As a long time OpenWRT user and network techie, I must admit the change to DSA was starting to make me bald, and it took me around 3 tries over the course of months (just because I got frustrated each time), trying out figure it own myself, the trying 1st edition Wiki on DSA, then the updated Wiki and other peoples forum posts. And after figuring out my own situation I must say the Wiki seems confusing,

So this is just a post showing how I got mine working using LuCI alone, and disclaimer is of course that this might not work for your situation.

In my case, my ISP requires router to use specific VLAN id 101 on the WAN interface, I am not adding additional VLAN to the LAN, for this you will need to look for additional help.

  • On your presumably "clean" router go to Network->Interfaces->Devices
  • Hit "Add device configuration...."
  • On Device Type select VLAN according to your requirements (usually 802.1q)
  • On Base device select the "WAN switch port"
  • On "VLAN ID" enter id number which in my case is 101
  • Make sure IPv6 is enabled if your ISP offers you IPv6 access.
  • Hit Save
  • Now go back to Network->Interfaces and edit the WAN interface
  • On "Device" select your new VLAN interface you just created, in my case "Software VLAN:"wan.101"
  • hit "Save"
  • Repeat the same last step on WAN6 if your ISP offers you IPv6 access as well
  • Now apply the configuration on the router and you should now have internet access.
  • add the new interface to the WAN zone in firewall settings