VLAN with access point with one port

Hi! As the title I have an OpenWrt Access Point with one port so switch functionalities are disabled. It's possible create two interface with different vlan?

Try creating them on the "eth" device itself (or the bridge, if you have one in use).

in which way?

Do you use LuCI or hand-edit your config?

I used both but I prefer LuCI :sweat_smile:

Append "." to the interface name such as "eth0.100".

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LuCI not authorize dot (.) I try in config file?

It's the setting called Interface in the Physical Settings tab that you should change.

On this page you can configure the network interfaces. You can bridge several interfaces by ticking the "bridge interfaces" field and enter the names of several network interfaces separated by spaces. You can also use VLAN notation INTERFACE.VLANNR (e.g.: eth0.1).

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