VLAN: WAN as trunk port

I have already set up a working VLAN. Now, I want to add an additional OpenWrt Router to my LAN and want to use the WAN port as trunk port.

That means all VLANs should be coming as tagged/trunking to WAN and the different VLANs should be distributed to the different switch ports of the router.

Is that possible? If yes, how can set this up?

for the right answer... you'll need to let is know what router your have... no two routers are created equal :wink:

also let us know where you plan to handle the inter-vlan routing... as many people lose themselves in layer 3.

I use OpenWrt on my Fritz!Box 4040.

The routing between the VLANs should be done by the router which I have already running. It' using OpenWrt, too.

For each VLAN that you want to trunk, include the WAN port as tagged.

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That was the needed setting I have forgotten. :slight_smile: Now, it's working like I wanted to have. Thank you very much.

The bad thing on Fritz!Box 4040 is that port 5 (WAN) cannot be seen on LuCl, therefore I forgot to set "tagged" for that port.

Perhaps you can help me once again.

Is it possible to connect the Wifi interface to the VLAN which is coming over WAN, too?

which vlan?

It's working, now. I created a new interface to my eth0.x VLAN and added the wifi to it.

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