VLAN walk thru OpenWrt 21.02 DSA

Hello everyone,
After looking at videos, searching the forums and reading the dsa-mini-tutorial.
I am still not clear on how getting Vlans to work properly using Luci on OpenWRT 21.02. The device I am using is the Linksys WRT1900AC. And all I am trying to do is to create a VLAN with WIFI and a different DHCP on it on port 4 of the router.

Any assistance/help hit me on the head - will be tremendously appreciated.

Thank you

For that particular use case you don't even need to use bridge vlan filtering, you can simply drop lan4 from your lan interface (bridge) and configure a new interface on lan4 exclusively (bridge vlan filtering comes in handy if you need trunk ports or other more complex setups), once that's done, you can bridge your secondary AP interface(s) to this new bridge (guest/ iot or whatever you like to call it) on lan4.

For some reason OpenWrt 21.02.1 has more bugs than rotten cheese. Having other issues LAN speed slow, WIFI issues too. I will try that, and report back.
Thank you for replying.

To be fair, these problems are more with mvebu/ mwlwifi, than OpenWrt. Bugs are only avoided in a new release, if they've been found and reported in time before the next release - it doesn't really help that Marvell abandoned their devices either.

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I had no idea that Marvell was that bad.

Finally was able able to get back. Following what you suggested DHCP is not working here see the pictures. Thanks

As far as I can see my settings should be fine.

Don't put it in the wan zone. Make a new zone with settings like LAN or a guest network* (for testing, you could just put it in LAN) The wan zone won't route properly, and the symptom of no DHCP is understandable since wan rules block incoming requests such as DHCP.

  • since it does appear that you're trying to set up exactly a guest network, search the wiki for that topic.

I can confirm that just using the LAN zone is working, getting the IP I have setup on the 10.10.10.X network and is routing to the internet as intended.
Much appreciate the help

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Yes, will change the OP as Solve. Thank you all for the assistance.

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