Vlan trunk betwen OpenWrt (Netgear R7800) and SwOS (Mikrotik RB260GS)

I need your help. I'm trying to configure Trunk with Vlan1 and Vlan2 between two managed device:
First is Netgear R7800 with OpenWRT 18.06.1
Second - Mikrotik RB260GS with SwOS 2.8
This is the screenshot of OpenWRT with VLAN configuration. Now LAN1 is not the trunk.
To make it a trunk I configure LAN1 as Tagged both Vlans.

I can't post the image Vlan-openwrt-trunk.png

This is the screenshots of RB260GS:
I need port IPTV as VLAN2 and other ports as VLAN1. Port named uplink is a trunk.
VLAN page

I can't post the image Valn-now-1.png

and VLANS page

I can't post the image Valn-now-2.png

Unfortunately, this does not work. I can't reach any device connected to the ports named Denon, x9s or IPTV.
Where is the mistake?
Please help me solve this.


I'm not sure if you're joking slightly or seeking help. Also, ports don't have names like that in OpenWrt. So if you can't post pics, I'm not sure how you expect detailed help.

In any case, your OpenWrt looks properly configured for a trunk port on LAN1. You should probably seek assistance from MikroTik regarding the other device:


You could also use tcpdump or Wireshark to troubleshoot.

I'm sorry.
Here are the remaining pictures:
Vlan page from Mikrotik
Vlans page from Mikrotik
Anyway, Thank You.

I think you should see the MikroTik forum for VLAN tagging on their devices:

Also: https://www.startpage.com/do/dsearch?query=vlan+mikrotik

  • I'm almost certain though, that egress packets need a tag (hence being trunked ports.
  • Also, since you have default VLAN ID as 1, you may have to Force VLAN ID (verify this in the MikroTik manual!).