VLAN tagging how to. and SMB server


I'm trying to configure a VLAN on my router for test (I'll write my thesis based on openwrt but I'm still only getting familiar with it.)

So before this, I'hve succesfully created a SMB server, which is an USB flash drive connected to the router itself. I could access it everywhere, via wifi connected and also cable connected devices too.

So now I've created this VLAN thing and the internet works fine, but since I applied the changes I can't access the server from the computer which is connected through this vlan.

my router:

the settings:

(its vlan 20)

any suggestions?
I'm yet to be understand these things and also a lot of other settings

It is probably a firewall issue. Did you setup a unique firewall zone for your new vlan? And did you enable forwarding to and/or from one zone to the other?

oh I'm gonna check it. I'm a complete noob for firewalls, luckily I still have more than half a year to finish this

Thank you for the fast response and help, gonna come back with the answer!