VLAN tagging for WAN port for Vodafone UK

So good and bad news, the suggestions from @mk24 worked and I can successfully connect to the internet on my WDR3600, but the bad news is that speed tests max out at around 140Mbps while the vodafone supplied router manages the full 500Mbps+ throughput. Any thoughts on how I can improve the WDR3600 performance?

Head over to firewall, enable software and hardware offload?

That should help I think... your router seems to be very weak... Only a single core at 600Mhz

Hmm, enabling the offload appears to have got me to ~160Mbps down, but I'm seeing 390Mbps+ on upstream? Still not where I want to be so it looks like I'm looking for new hardware? Shame the vodafone hub isn't fully supported, I'm eyeing up a Belkin RT3200 as a possible replacement.

dynalink wrx36 is £77.99 on amazon, half the price of the RT3200 and supported by Openwrt.

Yead idk... from my experience of struggling with SQM on a more powerfull router ( 4 threads 800mhz ) I'd say take some time looking for a beefy router - my current one can only do up to 150Mbps down with SQM ( Tho I am pretty sure that it can easily do 650Mbps with hardware offload and no SQM )

The reason I need SQM is bufferbloat : https://www.waveform.com/tools/bufferbloat

Can you run this test and post results? Depending on how your isp handles bufferbloat you might get away with 10-15$ router ( Xiaomi routers can be found for as low as 10$ , at least for me locally )

Aliexpress has some pretty good deals if you search for newer routers ( Make sure to check in OpenWRT wiki if the router is supported )

The install process for the wrx36 looks a bit involved from the look of the support page?

Booting an initramfs from a usb drive after enabling ssh access looks quite easy.

On closer reading you are right, its multiple processes, not just one long one :smiley: Looks like there is/was an issue with upgrading, but that has fixes in place. Definitely one I will now consider.

@StepSis I got a B on the bufferbloat test FYI.

Share screenshot :smile:

I started with B as well but now it's A+

lol you have inverse of where I started - download good and upload +60ms


I go away for a few days before I plan to order a new router and now it seems the dynalink is out of stock as far as the UK is concerned @hecatae guess you snooze you loose? :sweat_smile:

that was expected, it's being resold on ebay for £20 more that it was being offered on Amazon.

I'm disappointed too. I had my eye on one. Amazon seemed to be the only one stocking them. Hopefully more come in stock or another comparable router becomes available!

I'm going to begrudgingly buy one off of ebay at the scalper price since its still much cheaper than another comparable router that has openwrt support as far as I can tell :frowning:.

That sucks. Not the end of the world though.

I'm going to bide my time. Not in a rush.

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amazon us may be cheaper:

Hello @mk24. I know I am coming a bit out of the blue here, but I think you might be able to point me in the right direction. I am in a similar position to the original poster. On OpenWRT 22.03 am I right to think that I could add the correct VLAN ID in the LuCI GUI in the network->interfaces->devices tab section. I am missing the 'switch' section and it is my understanding that with the newer DSA enabled OpenWRT builds that the 'switch' section is now moved to the aforementioned section.