VLAN Setup Helop

Hello, I'm new to setting up VLAN's.. I currently have an OpenWRT network in my home with Private and Guest networks. I have wireled & wireless devices on the PRIVATE network and wireless only devices on the GUEST network. My current IoT devices are split between the private and guest networks.

I want to take that to the next level using VLAN's to help improve network segregation and security. Here's what I ultimately want:

VLAN for home computers (wired & Wireless)
VLAN for iot devices (wired & wireless)
VLAN for guests (wireless only)

Has anyone written some sort of guide to help with the setup? I'm getting a bit lost trying to hack through it.


Concerning wired ports you should configure switch. Concerning wireless device you should configure different interfaces and bridge them with wired ports if any. So what is your question?

Today my router connects to my main switch where all wired devices in my home are connected. So to use VLAN's, I'll need to split those (5 or 6) wired devices off to a separate switch connected to one of the free ports on the router? Then setup VLAN tagging on that router LAN port.. Is that the "basics" of it?

Is your current main switch a smart/managed unit?

  • If yes, you can configure it to have specific VLAN(s) assigned to each port, and you can run a trunk line (i.e. a single physical link that carries multiple VLANs) between the OpenWrt router and the switch.
  • In no, you will either need to get a smart/managed switch (they're not that expensive -- especially if you're talking about 5-16 ports), or have multiple switches, each one connected to a single port on your OpenWrt router where each of those ports is assigned just one network.
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Thanks so much for all the replies! This is exactly what I needed to know.