Vlan Questions


Could someone tell me if configuration of one untaget and few taget vlans on same port is permited in 17.01.4?

And how to check which is the bigest alowed vlan number for given arhitecture?

It depends on your switch chip not the CPU. In some routers the CPU and switch are built into the same chip, but there are many different such systems within a particular architecture.

The command swconfig dev switch0 help will show some of the switch capabilities.

Running untagged and tagged packets on the same cable is seldom supported in consumer hardware. It is best to tag everything.

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On some Atheros switches, you have to reboot after making such a change (adding tagged and untagged VLANs to same port) before it takes effect.

switch0: mt7620(mt7620), ports: 8 (cpu @ 6), vlans: 16 I supose that maximum vid is 16. Not purfect but for hardware for less than $30 is normal.
Attribute 1 (int): enable_vlan (VLAN mode (1:enabled))
Attribute 2 (string): mib (Get MIB counters for switch)
Attribute 3 (none): apply (Activate changes in the hardware)
Attribute 4 (none): reset (Reset the switch)
Attribute 1 (int): vid (VLAN ID (0-4094))
Attribute 2 (ports): ports (VLAN port mapping)
Attribute 1 (string): mib (Get MIB counters for port)
Attribute 2 (int): pvid (Primary VLAN ID)
Attribute 3 (unknown): link (Get port link information)
May be if play with PVID i could make it work with both taged and untaget on same port. Will test it tomorow.

Thanks for the clue.

While I've got different switch hardware that limits at 127, I regularly use VLAN tags above 127. From what I can tell, the UCI "VLAN" refers to a table entry and the UCI "VID" is the actual VLAN tag (defaulting to the "VLAN" entry, if omitted). Doesn't get you past the limit of 16, but at least lets you use VLANs that are consistent with outside systems.