VLAN over AP Help Needed

I have a linksys WRT3200ACM running stock 19.07.7 and Plume mesh access points for WiFi duties.

I would like to segregate my network for media duties, and have created the necessary interfaces, etc. Connection to the new media subnet works great over a wired connection via the vlan ports, but if I try to connect wirelessly via the APs I can only get to the LAN interface. I suspect this is not possible with my set up but wanted to check if anyone can help put me straight.

My Plume APs are set with fixed IP addresses on the LAN interface. If I attempt to tag the vlan ports that the APs are connected to, the APs become unresponsive. Plume support have confirmed that the APs can allow transparent passing of VLAN tagged and untagged frames but if I can't tag the data on the ports they are connected to then I don't see how I can connect to the media interface at all.

I have disabled the openwrt wireless interfaces and only use the Plume APs for wireless duties. I don't really want to ditch this solution for other reasons so am wondering what my options are, if any.........?

Any insight or help would be really appreciated, and happy to share network, dhcp config if needed.

Thanks in advance.

If you need separate SSIDs on the AP for each network, you have to trunk several VLANs on the port where the APs are connected. Then, on the AP assign different SSIDs to each VLAN.


Tagged and untagged on the same port is not well supported on most consumer hardware. Try tagging both VLANs out of the AP to be a true trunk cable.

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Thanks both for your swift responses. That has answered what unsuspected was the case.

I guess I am trying to do something with hardware that doesn't fully support - I can neither create VLANs in the Plume config, nor assign SSIDs to interfaces in Plume's router mode so I will either have to accept I can only run a segregated wired network, or cough up for new AP hardware..........

Thanks again. I'll mark this as solved.

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