Vlan on single port

hello, can someone help? about that topologi on single port lan, my router is xiaomi ac2100 and have 4 port, raspi only 1
can raspi be inbound and outbound to my fiber without buying switch hub and use my router xiaomi to bridge them
sorry for my bad english

You can use VLANs to allow the pi to serve as a router so it can work with both upstream and downstream networks, but you will need a managed switch to physically connect the networks to the pi if you use VLANs like that. Another way to achieve the goal would be to use a usb-Ethernet adapter connected to the pi - one network would connect to the usb dongle, the other would connect to the built in port.


If AC2100 is running OpenWrt, then you could use that as a managed switch to connect the RPi with the zte on a separate vlan.

yes it does, but i cant configured it

3 options:

  1. Buy the usb-to-ethernet dongle.
  2. Get a managed switch.
  3. Install OpenWrt to AC2100.

Pick one and you're ready.


If you don't need isolation, a 1-port "router" can be implemented with just subnets without VLANs.

While this is true, if the OP has a DHCP server on each network, isolation would be required.


Yep, only one DHCP should be used in the same broadcast domain.
So, the OP need to disable the upstream DHCP, or configure the clients statically.

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