VLAN on Raspberry Pi to replace ISP Livebox +

I am trying to replace a my ISP supplied Livebox + with a Raspberry Pi 3B+ (until more 4s become available) and am struggling with VLANs.

I have a separate ONT which I am plugging into the WAN (UE100 adapter) and packets are being sent / received, but no internet connection.

However, as I understand it, here in Spain (Jazztel FTTH) VLANs are used and am unsure what settings I should be using to get that set up.

According to this page https://wiki.bandaancha.st/Identificadores_VLAN_operadores_FTTH I need VLAN 1074 with priority 0. (I don't need VoIP or TV so am not worried about that side of it) however, where/how do I put this in the /etc/config/network ?

At the moment I have:

config interface 'WAN'
	option proto 'dhcp'
	option device 'eth1'
	option macaddr '<REDACTED ROUTER CLONE>'

Any help greatly appreciated!

could be useful VLANs setup to segment subnets

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Many thanks. That link and also having read https://openwrt.org/docs/guide-user/base-system/basic-networking, I saw it's as simple as removing the option device 'eth1' and putting instead option ifname 'eth1.1074'.

However, that didn't work, so I tried VLAN 20 instead as I saw a post saying Jazztel sometimes uses 20 (or 832) and bingo! We're in business! Thanks again!

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