VLAN Configuration

Hi all:

I am running openwrt 21.02.2 on a netgear ac2400 (R6700 v2) behind a pfsense router. I want to use openwrt as a managed switch and manage vlans from the pfsense. I have already configured the openwrt wan port as a lan port connected to pfsense. All of the openwrt ports are bridged together.

My goal is for lan1 to be in a separate vlan. I want all other traffic to go through lan2, lan3 and lan4. How do I configure Bridge VLAN filtering tab to do this? In other words, which ports should be marked as tagged, untagged, do not participate and/or primary vlan id? I have done some research to be able ask a proper question (I think) but am not sure of the answer.

Finally, can I do what I want with only one bridge device and only one vlan?

Thanks for your help

I assume you want to connect VLAN unaware devices to your openWRT router, then the port that you are connecting the VLAN unaware devices to the OpenWRT device are untagged ports for those VLANs you want to assign to those devices so create the VLAN IDs (e.g. 2) and select untagged on the port you want to assign VLAN 2. The port that is connected to the pfSense router is a trunk port so untagged on default (usually 1) and tagged for all of your other VLAN IDs (i.e. 2,3,4).

Thank you for your help. This worked great!

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