VLan Configuration Nanopi R2S

Can anyone give me a few tips with a vlan setup on my r2s ?
Right now I have an er-x with vlan switch config in luci.
However, this kind of config method seems to have dissapeared in the newest snapshot because of the move to dsa.

Right now I'm wondering if the following is possible and if I'm understanding everthing correctly.
I want to replicate the following setup:

I have two different networks. One for each floor.
Right now everything on the 1st floor gets 192.168.2.x from the dhcp
and everthing on the ground floor has 192.168.1.x.
Both are in the same firewall zone so that i can still access all my devices easily.

On the er-x there are two unmanaged switches connected. one on eth1 for ground floor and vlan1
one for eth2 for 1st floor on vlan 2.

Since the r2s only has two ethernet ports (1wan + 1lan) I think I'll need to put a managed switch behind it, and connect my two other switches behind my managed switched. I'm thinking to buy a Netgear GS308E 8 Port Gigabit switch for this.

So the port that goes to the router should be a 802.11q vlan?
And on the other two ports that go the unmanaged switches should i do port based vlans?
Also can i still assign two different dhcp ranges on the r2s for each of the vlan ids ?

Last but not least since there is no luci support. How to do this via cli?