VLAN config for internet and IPTV on 21.02

Apologies in advance for the very basic question, I'm still new at this. Trying to figure out how to setup VLAN for my internet and IPTV which uses VLAN ids 500 and 600 respectively on my archer C7 v5. My internet uses a pppoe protocol, and I've seen a few similar questions, but none that were with the new 21.02 version which uses dsa so it looks different and I'm very green, I still don't know how to edit config files :slight_smile: any help would be very appreciated. Thanks guys

Have you read anything here DSA Networking :point_down: :laughing:

Archer X7, being an ath79 model, still uses swconfig.

Oh.. this is embarrasing. I swore I couldn't find the switch menu. Anyways thanks guys! Cheers.

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