Visibility on the same network


I'm new to openwrt with an AX6S and OpenWrt 22.03.5 r20134-5f15225c1e

I created an interface connected to the 3 lan ports and to 2 wireless networks (2 and 5GHz)

I have a pc connected by cable and another by Wifi 2GHz. both have a correct IP address given by the DHCP server of "lan"

problem : the wired machine can ping the wifi machine
but the wifi machine can't ping the wired machine.

What can block wifi -> lan exchanges but not lan -> wifi?

Thanks in advance

Check the local firewall on the computers. Likely this is a windows issue.

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By disabling the windows firewall on the wired machine it works!

what a mess.
This machine has been connecting through the other via remote desktop for years.
Before testing the ping I deactivated then reactivated the remote desktop on the machine and windows is not able to manage its firewall according to its own remote desktop service, congratulations on the progress (W11).

thank you very much for your answer, I "just" have to find how to configure this firewall

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