Virtual Router

Here is my enviroment:
215 / 12 mb cable internet
VPN provider that can handle full speed on PC
DHCP / DNS / Routing / Firewall
WNDR4300 test router
R7800 AP
8 core xeon 2.3 ghz / 24 gb ram / windows 2016 server

I have been testing on my WNDR4300 but obviously the system can not handle VPN at full 200 mb. I am thinking of using a virtual router instead due to having a Hyper-V running on my network. I can run the Hyper-V virtual LEDE with up to 12 GB of ram and up to 4 CPU (xeon 2.3 ghz). What would be the minimum all would think needed to handle the VPN and other task on the virtual router?

Any other gotcha's i should think of?

i'm not sure if LEDE is hyper-v capable by default - a google search reveals there be some chance if you compile it from source.
My advice - try pfSense in hyper-v !

LEDE works on hyper-v there's a post somewhere around the forum about it

That thread maybe:

Dear @De_lemon,

Out of curiosity, could you please run the following test on your WNDR4300? The openssl-util package is required.
time dd if=/dev/zero bs=1M count=100 | openssl bf-cbc -e -pass pass:secretpwd | openssl bf-cbc -d -pass pass:secretpwd > /dev/null

This should encrypt and decrypt 100 Megabytes of data using the default openvpn encryption.

If someone is interested, here are my results:

  • pcengines apu2c2 : 3.96 seconds (~252 Megabit/s)
  • linksys wrt1900acs : 3.64 seconds (~274 Megabit/s)
  • Buffalo WZR-HP-G300NH :39.66 seconds (~25 Megabit/s)

Thank you in advance and best regards.


WNDR4300 with LEDE 17.1.1 -> 24.19s

Just FYI ... in a WRT1900ACS V2 w/Lede Reboot SNAPSHOT r4164-48d71ab
real 0m 3.74s
user 0m 0.00s
sys 0m 0.14s