Virtual dynamic interface (DHCPv6 client)

How i can delete Virtual dynamic interface (DHCPv6 client)? I've read it appear when i use AUTO default settings. What should i do to make my wan work without this? I just cant make it work without this interface..

If your WAN is of type PPPoE, you need to disable the “Obtain IPv6 address” option in the advanced settings tab of the wan interface

yes, i can even disable it in my ISP personal cabinet online, i mean, if i use PPPoE and my ISP use AND ipv4 and ipv6 there is no ways to live without this virtual interface? I can't edit him, cant use it in QOS settings, can't make it use my own DNS..

From a system pov, the virtual wan_6 interface is just additional IPv6 addresses on top of your pppoe-wan device / wan interface. Wrt. to QoS etc. it should inherit all settings from wan.

However, you can set “Obtain IPv6 address” in wan to "Manual" instead of "Automatic" then OpenWrt will not spawn a virtual dynamic DHCPv6 interface. If set to manual, you can manage the IPv6 settings by using the existing or creating a wan6 interface.

Thank you sir, answer i wanted!

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