Virtual dynamic interface (dhcp client)

I build latest 19.07.7 for my ZTB WE-826 and after I applied this tutorial. After adding the LTE interface it craetes itself the Virtual dynamic interface and immediately after I had internet connection.

All works like a sharm but after the first reboot I loose the Virtual dynamic interface and there is no way to rebuild it. I take a look on /etc/config/network and there is nothing about Virtual dynamic interface, probably this is why I lost it on first reboot?

Did you add the new interface device? It tells you how to add a wwan interface to use it.

Sure, as I wrote I added the LTE interface (QMI Cellular).

None know how can I add this Virtual dynamic interface?

The fact that it works directly after setup but not after a reboot hints at a problem with the LTE connection on boot. Maybe there is a race condition, or some other issue that prevents your dongle from connecting.

The "Virtual dynamic interface" is automatically spawned once the underlying wwan interface is brought up successfully. Try restarting the wwan interface via LuCI and see if that causes the virtual sub interface to appear.


This is interesting, I can try to set a higher modem init timeout.