Virgin wi-fi extenders

Recently I was offered an upgrade to 1gb Virgin Fibre. I'd previously had 500mb and had put the awful Virgin Hub3 into Modem mode and used my decent Linksys WRT32X router. Anyway 1gb came with Virgins Hub4 plus wifi extenders. Thought I'd give it a go so removed the Linksys. That lasted 2 days. It's still pretty awful so the Linksys was resurrected.

Works a treat but also I decided to plug in the Virgin supplied wifi extender. Surprisingly without any configuration in OpenWRT this seems to work. I had originally set it up with the Virgin Hub 4 - 2.4ghz and 5ghz split plus the same channels set on the hub and the extender.

Having read the article on here regarding wifi extender configuration I was expecting a bigger battle under OpenWRT. Am I just lucky and can I expect issues?

hmm, unless I am mistaken, I thought the wifi boosters offered by Virgin use powerline standard (not HomePlug AV) for pushing ethernet over AC mains wiring. ie. it shouldn't be affected by what router you use.

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That would make sense. I had the BT 'Homeplugs' connected before but you cant link the Virgin ones in to that network. So I have both (BT and Virgin)connected back to my router.

So presumably the Virgin wifi extender picks up the wifi signal and transports it back to the router via AC. What I am unclear of is whether there is automatic switch over between the wifi signals.

If the extenders are linking back to the hub directly, they're not part of your OpenWrt network at all. Users of the extenders are getting routed separately. This can be checked by running traceroutes on the clients.

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