Virgin Superhub 2 with BT Home Hub 5 using OpenWrt as a VPN Access Point?

Hello im brand new to all of this and need some help with my setup

I have Virgin Media Broadband in my house and use the stock router provided to me "SuperHub2" and i have just purchased a BT Home Hub 5 with Openwrt from ebay

My first question is how on earth do i reset/reflash the ebay router "BT Home Hub 5" again. Its come out the box with openwrt but who knows whats on it i would rather be safe and flash it myself than trust some guy on ebay.

My second and real question here is:

I need to keep my Virgin router on with wifi and everything still working so (Modem mode) is not an option for me.

This is what i need the BT router for

i need it to be able to get internet from the virgin router and the bt router needs to rebroadcast this with a vpn the whole reason im doing this is to have a VPN router in the house but i can't get rid of the original router or turn it into a modem?

Please help

Just use LuCI web UI to reload the firmware.

Have you studied the openwrt/LEDE install guide for HH5a? See section 4.3.

If you have 100mb of faster cable, the HH5a is underpowered for your requirements. Don't expect more than 10 mbps if using openvpn protocol.

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Not to worried about the speed that's why I'll keep the main router online just need this by router to do some very basic stuff via a VPN connection