Virgin Media Issues on my x86 Install

Hi, I'm experiencing an issue with my Virgin Media Hub5. It's well documented on the internet and seems to be related to an issue with their firmware and specifically eee. It seems like the port power gets ramped down until you end up with no internet bandwidth.

Virgin Media Forum - Hub 5 Firmware Upgrade Issues

The current workaround is to install a managed switch in between the Virgin Hub and then disable eee on the switch. I don't have a managed 2.5gbe switch and I've currently got the Virgin Hub plugged directly into my x86 OpernWRT router.

I've tried running the following command to check if eee is supported and whilst it says disabled I'm not sure how accurate this is as other posts mention it's not always straight forward to enable/disable eee within OpenWRT.

root@openwrt:~# ethtool --show-eee eth1
EEE Settings for eth1:
        EEE status: disabled
        Tx LPI: disabled
        Supported EEE link modes:  Not reported
        Advertised EEE link modes:  Not reported
        Link partner advertised EEE link modes:  Not reported

Can anyone confirm if this is likely to be accurate and if there's anything I can do to confirm if eee is definitely disabled or whether there might be anything else I could try to help mitigate this from within OpenWRT?


Can be pause frames, or total advertised rate set too.