Virgin Hotspot

I have a friend who has just moved into new place and ordered Virgin Media broadband, unfortunately it is going to take weeks to install so they have been told about a Virgin hotspot.

They have been told they can connect via phone app and of course people have found that it can work on laptops by using enterprise wifi

Looking at phone it has 10.10.x.x. IP on subnet with gateway

I want to see if I can boost the signal with a loan OpenWRT router

Has anyone done a similar thing with Virgin Media in UK

I am thinking I might need to add WPA Supplicant and I want to connect in Client mode with second Wifi Radio as Access Point.

Any other ideas before I go over there?

Tech details from Virgin community

  • Eap method - TTLS
  • Phase-2 authentication - MSCHAPV2
  1. Choose the WiFi network "Virgin Media"
  2. Username is your VM account email, "vmedwifi/YOUREMAIL" eg. vmedwifi/
  3. Password is your VM account password

opkg update
opkg remove wpad-mini
opkg install wpad

You need WPA Enterprise

the wpad package contains a full featured IEEE 802.1x/WPA/EAP/RADIUS\ Authenticator and Supplicant\ \, the default wpad-mini has WPA-PSK only