Vimeo or any AJAX Content doesn't work when used with Adblock or Simple-Adblock

Vimeo doesn't work properly when setup with Adblock or Simple-Adblock. Profile section of it doesn't load at all. Ex., link - Khalid Mohtaseb (

With Adblock enabled -

Without Adblock

I've only enabled very few list of adblock host lists. When the same list is used with Pi-Hole, it work flawlessly. When Adblock or Simple-Adblock is used, it interferes with any page that contains ajax driven content.

and how is this an openwrt issue ?

Perhaps we should look at the facts:

  • Adblock is DNS driven on the Router and does not interfere with client side JS!

  • With my set of blocklist in adblock your example does not work, too. A simple check with the DNS report in adblock reveals the following domains during vimeo access, e.g:

  • To fix your issue, simply whitelist both listed domains, reload adblock and it works as well ...


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