Village telco MP2.0 - uBoot gives just garbage but OpenWrt is good

I found an old board ( , more exactly a village telco MP2.0).
I connected a CH340 USB TTL to the serial pins @115000 8N1.
The moment uBoot starts is give just garbled characters. If I press <enter> the output stops and reacts to further <enter>s like there would be a prompt (just many crazy characters).

If I let the device boot normally there is this garbage first and after a few seconds the normal OpenWRT output starts @115000 8N1 so I am sure the hardware part is correct. I tried different serial speeds but nothing helped.

What else could I try next?


I still think this is the issue ....

Regarding to the documentation of Village Telco and Dragino 115k 8N1 is correct for uBoot. This speed was the only one to produce some kind of reliable response too (garbled).