View fixed IP clients on OpenWrt

Hi, I am a newbee who is just starting off with OpenWRT. I have had OpenWRT installed on my TP-link Archer A6 and is working well but I am unable to see all clients which are connected to the router. I am using this router as a DHCP server with the following options:

  1. Some clients are configured as static lease based on the MAC
  2. Others request for a fixed IP when they connect to the router
  3. Rest of them are allocated dynamic IPs by the DHCP

On the Status/DHCP clients page I can see only see the stations which have been allocated dynamic IPs but not the ones with static or fixed IP. Is there a way to see them either on LuCi or via a command?

I have tried the arp and ip neigh commands but they still dont show the required list.

Thanks for your help.

you can add the static ones to the /etc/ethers file

then add /etc/ethers to the /etc/sysupgrade.conf, making it survive an upgrade.

Sorry I am not sure I am able to follow what you said.
My requirement is to be able to view the (active) fixed IP clients connected to the browser. How do I do that?
I would rather keep the IP assignment for these devices on them itself as these are all IoT devices

as I wrote in my previous post ....

You're asking me to manage the fixed IPs in openwrt instead of on the devices - i can possibly think about doing so but at present that isnt the case. But before I do that, can you confirm that there isnt any way to view all the clients connected to the router? I am not able to understand why is it so? Is it by design or a limitation?

No I'm not, read up on what /etc/ethers does/is.

Sure there are, but this way you'll get it in the webui.

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Vijay - Under "Network" - "DHCP and DNS" - "Static Leases", I too only see DHCP clients. Manually adding my many static IP addresses that are outside of the DHCP range seems silly. It's the same thing as just writing them down on a peice of paper! Maybe there is a way to see them in the GUI, or add them automatically, but I do not know how.
However, you can log into the device (ssh) and use arp from the command line. On other machines, I use netdiscover which is based on arp, but I have not tried to install that on OpenWRT.