View fixed IP clients on OpenWrt

Hi, I am a newbee who is just starting off with OpenWRT. I have had OpenWRT installed on my TP-link Archer A6 and is working well but I am unable to see all clients which are connected to the router. I am using this router as a DHCP server with the following options:

  1. Some clients are configured as static lease based on the MAC
  2. Others request for a fixed IP when they connect to the router
  3. Rest of them are allocated dynamic IPs by the DHCP

On the Status/DHCP clients page I can see only see the stations which have been allocated dynamic IPs but not the ones with static or fixed IP. Is there a way to see them either on LuCi or via a command?

I have tried the arp and ip neigh commands but they still dont show the required list.

Thanks for your help.

you can add the static ones to the /etc/ethers file

then add /etc/ethers to the /etc/sysupgrade.conf, making it survive an upgrade.

Sorry I am not sure I am able to follow what you said.
My requirement is to be able to view the (active) fixed IP clients connected to the browser. How do I do that?
I would rather keep the IP assignment for these devices on them itself as these are all IoT devices

as I wrote in my previous post ....

You're asking me to manage the fixed IPs in openwrt instead of on the devices - i can possibly think about doing so but at present that isnt the case. But before I do that, can you confirm that there isnt any way to view all the clients connected to the router? I am not able to understand why is it so? Is it by design or a limitation?

No I'm not, read up on what /etc/ethers does/is.

Sure there are, but this way you'll get it in the webui.

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