Video transmission in WiFi mesh

Is it possible to stream video in real time in a WiFi mesh across different nodes?

It depends on the link and bitrate speed of the videos.

Thanks @castillofrancodamian! and can you suggest me some works done on this?

I need to know what you are looking for.

  • Budget
  • Size of your home / office
  • Number of devices to connect (TVs, PCs, phones, laptops, home automation, etc)

What internet speed do you have?
Do you need SQM to control the bufferbloat?

My application is little different. I have few robots with cameras which is exploring an environment and I want to get video feed from every bot to a base station ( Laptop connected in mesh). I'm planning to implement mesh network among the bots so if any of a bot is away the video data can be relayed by intermediate bots.

Each bot will have an onboard computer like Raspberry pi which can support wifi mesh.

Expected communication network

I'm a student and I would like to explore more on this so can you suggest me some readings

First it should be clarified that the term "mesh" in OpenWrt, is to connect the APs with each other, since customers are not compatible with this mode.
I could not tell you if it is what you need to make it work since there would be instability in the links.

worry about the network topology later...

imho... this is mainly an application discovery / decision ....

look into multicast discovery, and applications that support the type of redundant endpoints you need over that, or even unicast to start with....

whatever mesh-ing exists or doesn't will then compliment your application configuration.

if your bent on ip an level solution... something like vrrp ( usually used for gateways... ) would give you a level of dynamicity... although underlying syncback would be pretty blunt. you could also manually get this from the routing protocol.

in any event... such a setup would really need the receiving/fallback endpoint/s to be close, if not the next hop...

if you have heaps of nodes... and a true mesh... then yes... you sort of need to run multicast advertisements... simply due to the fact that this is where these types of uses are developed upon... this has the advantage that it can scale to multiple ends points well...