Video mode in v18.06-rc2

I just installed v18.06 rc2 and find the video mode is different to rc1. rc1 comes up in a higher resolution.

Is this to be expected?

Are you running x86_64?

I can't remember which I installed. Do I look in /etc/openwrt_release?

What model device is it?

It's x86_64. The other version wasn't.

So, you changed hardware?

I don't know of another version of OpenWrt that runs on x86_64. Therefore, you must have a second device. Different hardware could defiantly be the cause of a different resolution in the display..

I have two versions of 18.06 (rc1 and rc2) of OpenWrt x86 installed on two different disks. I can use both versions on the same hardware - ThinkPad T61 for example, but the video modes are different.

Just reporting.. it's no big deal.