Very slow download speed from

Very slow download speed from .
Please see the screenshots. What's going on?

I'm getting about 1MB/s (megabytes, not megabits) for those specific downloads. Hardly speedy, but managable and far better than what your screengrabs show. (it did start at about 5MB/s and then decreased to 1MB/s over time).

TL;DR Solution:
The solution is to either use / instead of, OR using a VPN connect to Germany as VPN location and then try to download the files from .

I think this has something to do with the change to Fastly CDN for (

I live near Chicago, Illinois, USA, and I think the main OpenWrt Downloads Mirror ( or is somewhere in Europe (I think Germany).

As expected I connect to a Fastly CDN inside USA but I think the files and packages in the Fastly CDN USA server(s) are not fully synced with the main / server in Europe, as I usually try to download the Image Builder file just after about 1 to 2 hours of build completion by the Buildbot.

So looks like if the file is not available in the local Fastly CDN server that a user is connected to, Fastly searches its other servers. If Fastly find the full file in one of its other servers, instead of connecting the user to the other server and allowing the user to download the file directly from that other server, Fastly instead first tries to download the package from its other servers to its user connected local Fastly CDN server, and then delivers the file to the user from it's user connected local Fastly CDN server. This results in additional latency and intermittent download speeds.

We've had a couple people this week come in because their downloads failed completely, specifically when trying to build.

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