Very High Throughput wireless configuration for 802.11b/g/n 2.4GHz and 802.11ac 5GHz


Can I get suggestion for wireless configuration to enabling 2.4GHz and 5GHz access points, with high throughput mode?

What is "high throughput" for you?

How important is latency to you? How much is "too much"?

Do you realize that even the presence of 802.11b or 802.11g will likely slow down your entire 2.4 GHz performance?

Is this in-close use, or is moderate- and weak-signal performance important?

What kind of clients are you using, or is this a point-to-point wireless link?

What is your budget?

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I read this question as meaning “how do I set VHT (802.11ac) on both networks”.

To which the answer is: use the htmode option with either VHT20/40/80/160.

You can’t use it on 2.4ghz (turboQAM isn’t directly supported).

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he did never mentioned the hardware that wants to run this on. while it is possible it is much more than just 'configuration' and afaik there is no available drivers to support VHT on 2.4Ghz except ubiquiti proprietary driver for several of their models that support this feature

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Hi @jeff,

I am expecting more than 54Mbps of bitrate because my 2.4GHz radio has the support of 802.11n. May I expect VHT20 for 2.4GHz interface configuration?

sorry, I don't have much idea. how is it will impact on throughput?

Yes, @jeff

yes, expecting a stable connection, with good performance.

My clients are mobiles, laptops and maybe legacy routers.

sorry, @jeff. I didn't aware of the budget. But my tx power is 23dbm.

My hardware supports qcawifi MAC, Can I use VHT20 for 802.11ng support?

Probably, but you would need to modify lots of the helper scripts to pass the data through.