Version upgrade

Hello all.
Im new to OpenWRT. Just started messing with it recently.
I had a Mikrotik RB750GL laying around and installed OpenWRT to mess with it.
I installed the recommended package for the hardware and thats version 19.07.
Can i upgrade to the latest 23.05 version or i'm i stuck to the older 19.07 version due to hardware limitations?

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This is a 128/64 model which was never ported to ath79. It is unlikely to be now since having only 64 MB RAM is becoming a significant limitation to future support.

what does 64 MB of RAM mean becomes a significant limitation for future support ?
Have you been to the store lately ?
There are practically no normal routers on sale at all

This is more like oops, forgot it. 64MB is not a problem without wifi.