Version control

any thoughts on migrating to a version control based documentation?

i think the existing wiki style format is great, and i usually find what i'm looking for, or at least pointed in the right direction. if it's not broken, don't fix it, right?

sometimes i will get browser tab creep with many wiki pages open. easily could be just a workflow issue on my part.

contrast this to some other styles of documentation, where there is a single html page with everything on it, and ctrl-f is available to search everything at once.

i don't think there are enough pro's to justify a move right away to a version control based documentation system, but perhaps over time it could be something to think about long term.


To be clear, there is no such plan to migrate from the wiki, but I think (I believe I'm not alone), that some kind of additional, structured documentation available in the form of online/off-line HTML, PDF or some e-book format would be certainly nice, it's de facto standard today in most projects.

IIRC it has been discussed two times already, see the last attempt.

Feel free to refresh that discussion on the development mailing list.

Well, it "just" needs someone dedicated enough to make this happen, in other words it means submitting patches :slight_smile: