Version 21.02.1 unable to apply newly created vlans via bridge vlan filtering

I have 2 routers using DSA (version 21.02.1) and I am unable to apply changes after creating bridge VLAN filtering.
I tried on linksys wrt 1900 and on the xiaomi Mi 4a.
I create the vlan filtering and save. but when applying, it reverse as could not commit.
I have no idea what I am doing wrong.
I created VLAN filtering without problems using the Mikrotik router (also on openwrt). But no way I can make it on the other 2 routers.
I also reset the router to factory defaults, but I still cant create the VLAN filtering.
Is there a order of creation?
First create interface and than bridge VLAN filtering?
Or the other way around or there is more to it?
(I did try first creating interface or not but I still cant create it).
Appreciate any suggestions.

Dear Kattivius,
I think the issue is more with LUCI than with OpenWRT. I have exactly the same issue. A temporary solution is to create the vlan, click dismiss and then save. Next time you open the edit button you'll see your vlan there etc etc

Hope this helps,

thanks @denix
now it gets even more strange..
so I have this linksys wrt 1900ac. For now it is in use as a dumb ap without vlans.
So, I decided to start creating VLANS filtering from the configured dump ap rather than reset it forst.
Wait for it.... it applys the changes!
So I do have the vlans created...
But if I reset to defaults and start creating the VLANS, it does not apply and reverts (not giving me the chance to apply anyway).
I will try yyour suggestions...
Unfortunately I am not good enough to create the VLANS using UCI rather than LUCI.. Probably would work better.

try to follow this video and report back: . hope it helps.

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I will... but cant do that right now.
When done, I will report back

o, I am sorry... this IS the video that originally I followed.
But the issue I originally mentioned remain.
I follow OneMarcFifty for a while now.
His instructions are great. But dont work on me.
Also I have a mix of DSA and non DSA bot on 21.02.1 version (linksys wrt 1900ac DSA and Netgear XS4 r7800 non DSA).
So, I can already report, it did not help me!

sorry to hear, it is really strange because the video is a great explanation and usually it is working the way Marc shows. i assume your hw is supported by 21.02.1 so maybe you have a faulty devices or hit by a bug ... weird

can you share output of df -h please?

I'm currently following the OneMarcFifty video as well. I am also having the same issue where when saving the Vlans I create it fails to commit them. I have another issue on top of that. I thought maybe it was another setting that I need to click and so I went to the General device tab and enabled the bring up empty bridge, clicked save and it saved. It looked like it was hanging on the save, but eventually went through. Problem is when I go to look at the vlans, I have 184 more than I created, and they are all highlighted red. Trying to delete them didn't do anything. Fixed this by clicking reset to reset the br-lan device.

Did find out that it works better to Enable VLAN Filtering and then save. Then go back in and configure the VLANS as needed. Had no issues doing the config this way than all at once