Verizon LTE Extender 2

Has anyone had any experience operating a Verizon LTE Extender 2 on their openwrt router? I know this device requires lots of port access but not sure if it uses UPnP to handle that.

@yrless, welcome to the community!

You should probably check with the vendor:

(BTW, UPnP is not installed in OpenWrt by default.)

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Thanks for the welcom IIeachii! I did some additonal research this weekend by resetting my verizon router then checking to see if the LTE Extender initiated any new firewall rules and it did not. My assumption now is that the extender reaches its virtual host through some type of VPN so it should in fact pass through the Archer A7 when I get around to the swap out. I'll post my results here when that happens......I'm hoping not to have to load the UPnP package.

Turns out the Verizon LTE extender works fine without any firewall mods.

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