Verbose call end reason every 6 hours


I’m new to using an OpenWrt 5G-router and am experiencing some connection issues.

I’m using the OutdoorRouter EZR34T-5G with latest firmware.
To cover our quite large terrain with WiFi and am pleased about the distance this thing has.

The only downside I’m experiencing is that the connection itself gets severed exactly every 6 hours and the modem is unable to regain its connection without a full reboot.

I’m using Watchdog to scan for the connection being down to initiate the reboot. But since our security system is connected towards it, I would feel more comfortable to have a steady connection and find the actual cause of this connection drop.

This is error code retrieved from the system log hoping I can get some answers and solutions: [3070]: [modem0/bearer7] verbose call end reason (3,1067): [cm] detach-with-reattach-lte-nw-detach

…which runs a custom firmware on a device that is not in the support list of OpenWRT.

those guys might be able help you (as they made it and its custom firmware:


That looks like the phone company has a timer to drop you every 6 hours. There's not much you can do about that.