Verbatim 47490 NAS file backup

Hi, I have a trashy NAS too. :frowning: Unfortunately it has my irreplaceable photos and videos. The Verbatim shut down its server and don't support this anymore. It is easier for you if you want to use it as a new one and have nothing on it yet. Maybe it helps - I don't know:

Can anybody helps for backup my files? What file system has it?

As far as I can see, this device is not supported by OpenWrt and we can not really help you with your problem.

Hi Bata,

that seems to be a very, very useful hint.
Thx a lot for that, think I would never have found that forum.
I will check out, how and wheter it work, but it will take a while, 'cause I have a lot to do in the moment.
I will give you a reply, when I get the thing working, and of course also if not.
If you have the same NAS, and are anxious to loose your data, you may wait, wheter I get the thing fixed. Hopefully the datas are not scrambled.

Thxs again for your hint.