Vera Edge (OpenWrt device) stuck in boot loop... 3 seconds for SSH commands (logs inside)

Hey guys ... I'm trying to troubleshoot a Vera Edge which runs a Mediatek MT7620A chip and OpenWrt.

When the device boots, I have about 3 seconds to SSH in and execute commands before it reboots.

I've managed to execute/view the following:

welcome/login message
ps axu
ls -aFl /etc
ls -aFl /etc/rc.d
ls -aFl /etc/init.d
cat /etc/init.d/cmh
cat /etc/init.d/cmh-ra

Can anybody give me any advice on how to possibly stop the shutdown/reboot cycle if I manage to SSH in?

I've tried [init 2]:

root@MiOS_36055867:~# init 2
procd: - preinit -
Connection reset by port 22

and [shutdown -c]

root@MiOS_36055867:~# shutdown -c
-ash: shutdown: not found
root@MiOS_36055867:~# Connection reset by port 22

...but neither seemed to work.

Thanks so much for any help.

It's a manufacturer build so you should look to the manufacturer for support.

The two scripts listed at the end of ps are not found in standard iOpenWrt. Also a script ran a 'sleep 5' which likely leads to the reset at the end of the sleep.

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