Vendor class ID and cloned MAC address setting [Solved]

Hi everyone,
I accidentally did a soft reset of my router and I cannot remember how to set some settings.
Basically, my ISP requires me to set the cloned MAC address of their original router and to set their vendor class ID. I have those values, but I cannot figure out where to set them in LuCI. I remember the last time i set them in LuCI, I'm sure or i've gone mad!
Many thanks to those who could help.

think you should just check the wiki and add the values directly in the config file with scp


But I remember there was an easy way to se it in LuCI, are you sure there wasnt?

  • Browse to: Network > Interfaces > WAN
  • Set the values

I was able to set the vendor class ID but not the cloned MAC address

Why weren't you able?

I cannot find any field to set the MAC address

  • OpenWrt version?
  • Do you have a Devices tab under Interfaces?

(If not, you might have to set this on the CLI.)

Then edit the WAN device's MAC address there.

Thank you very much I have found it!

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Glad you got it fixed. If your issue is resolved, see: How to mark a topic as [Solved]

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