Vectoring Problems Lantiq FRITZ!Box 3370

Hello everybody,
The following issues crop up in my OpenWrt SNAPSHOT r9438-9bf63d0:

  • No connection via network-cable possible (occurred suddenly after a reboot, LAN LED is not on, connection icon in XFCE appears shortly then shows no network, even static address allocation does not help, via W-Lan I get an address via DHCP)

  • hidden WiFi is only found after a long wait although it is stored (ArchLinux XFCE4)

If you roll back to previous version, do the problems still exist?

And again as if by magic, it works. :face_with_raised_eyebrow: :slightly_smiling_face:

Now I only have the following problem:
On a Telekom VDSL 50 Mbit/s connection, only ~ 18 arrived.
The problem quickly came out of the lack of vectoring support of the lantiq modem. I then extracted a firmware from here ( Thus, the 50 Mbit/s are almost on, but only for about 30 sec., Then breaks off the connection and reconnects. This process happens in continuous loop.

What does it matter?

Have you try an other ModemFW ?
Have you try the ModemFW trouht /tmp and add the "options firmware /PathToFW" inside your network config ?

Thank you for answering.

No, I don't know which one. How could I get the original 3370 fw without the unsquashfs4-avm-be
I've copied the fw to /lib/firmware/ and linked it in the /etc/config/network dsl section.

Using the modemfirmware from the Netgear DM200 solved my Problem.
v 5.7.6.A.0.7-5.7.1.C.0.2

Now I get more power than assured. :star_struck:


It is a littelbit complex, because AVM use there own squashfs4 format.
I have build an Freetz image first (it build on an VM (32bit ubuntu or so)) and i extract the ready 32bit unsquashfs4-avm-be binary and use them with multilibs on an 64bit linux.

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