VDSL2 Modem+Router for OpenWrt w/ >128Mb RAM

Hi guys, I am in the UK and currently using a BT HomeHub 5.0 with OpenWRT (which is a modem/router with 128Mb RAM https://openwrt.org/toh/bt/homehub_v5a). It works well but since I’ve started using nextDNS CLI, it runs out of memory some times.

I’ve seen here a lot of recommendations for “pure” routers, but could you suggest me a modem/router with more than 128Mb RAM to use with OpenWRT? Ideally with 5Ghz support! Thanks

Not much choice: Zero devices which match the criteria

  • OpenWrt support in general
  • additionally DSL modem supported
  • RAM 256MB

You will have much more choices if you leave out the DSL modem.

There was a small potential for BT Smart Hub (aka Home Hub 6, informally though) Type B. It's Lantiq based, though a newer chipset. I got in touch with Intel to check the availability of the new driver, but Intel doesn't seem as kind to developers as Lantiq was, so no luck at that front but you are welcome to try.

@slh was saying it might be possible to get it to work with the old driver and some (or lot of) work. But since I am not in the UK and couldn't get my hands on a device to play with, and I don't have any experience with drivers development anyway, and nobody else seemed interested, I just have up.

There are couple of topic posted by me about Smart Hub, containing photos and some input by other forum users, so that can be a starting point if you want to try in that direction. @bill888 is also very experienced with BTHH5A, so can hopefully provide useful input if you are going to try, though be prepared to do the heavy lifting.

I agree that a support of a newer xDSL device since BTHH5A had had its days, and there is really void in the xDSL department, but I failed to find much of help with getting support for the Smart Hub (Type B, remember, because Type A is a BCM and has next to zero chances of getting support).

Apparently Intel's Home Gateway Platform Division is about to be acquired by MaxLinear.

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I am hoping that they will be more supportive than Intel, at least by giving proper and direct reply rather than what Intel did which basically was taking forever to give no useful answer other than telling me to post the question on their forum (to which nobody answered) .

Though, I wouldn't be surprised if Intel didn't a properly handover the drivers of older chipsets to MaxLinear!

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As suggested by @tmomas , your best option is perhaps to configure your existing openwrt HH5A as a 'bridge' modem, and then wire a 'pure' router of your choice to it.

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there is an issue with ath10k high memory usage . Try disable it and unload module . It should free some memory .
Also if wifi AC is nesesery try get zram working . It work miracle on good old wr740nd (32MB ram)
custom openwrt build can also provide more memory control as You can disable not needed functions like ipv6 or try different compiler optimalizations

I had been through the same thing. Router + Bridged DSL modem is the way to go.