VDSL WiFi-Router recommendation (and subsequent Fritz!Box 3370 install)

Hello everybody,
please excuse me if I did something wrong, but I can't quite find my way here.
I'm looking for a VDSL router for a 50 Mbps DSL connection (Germany).
It should spark in the 5 GHz band and be flashing as uncomplicated as possible.
I have already read the hardware recommendation page, but this did not seem completely complete.
Currently I favor the following two devices, where I have for the first the impression that WiFi is no function:
TPLink VR200v
TPLink TD-W9980B

My goal is to regain my freedom. If the device does not support 5GHz WiFi or VDSL and I need an additional modem then that does not bring me much in the end.

Do you have a recommendation for a router? Maybe I missed something or there is unofficial support for a device.

Thanks :slight_smile:

Have you already tried the forum search?

Currently the best hardware for VDSL (not ADSL, different annex, which doesn't matter for VDSL) would be https://openwrt.org/toh/bt/homehub_v5a, but carefully read the caveats (type A) - the initial flashing is not easy, but the device itself is by far the best among the currently supported options (and you can find devices pre-flashed with OpenWrt from several sources on the net).


Yes, but unforunatelly I couldn't find anything helpful. :frowning:

This router I found also, but I'm not able to buy it in germany.
I could not believe that there is no other VDSL device. :disappointed_relieved:
What is with the TD-W9980B i could not found anything about the B version.
Maybe there is something new since the 18.06 build? tplink_tdw8980-squashfs-sysupgrade.bin seems to be the right one?


The reason why the Home Hub 5A is recommended so much is that it is, unfortunately, the only officially supported device that does dual-band wifi, 802.11ac at that, and VDSL. There's work done on the Easybox 904 xDSL, but it's not quite there yet, and it's uncertain if it will ever be officially supported since it's a rather peculiar, if not to say quirky device.

As for the TP-Link TP-W8970B/9980B, they are fine devices, I actually use them right now in a SOHO context. But as you say, they are not able to do 5GHz wifi. I supplement them with dedicated access points anyway, so in my case that doesn't matter.

For my home, I chose a Fritz!Box 3370 which can do 2.4GHz or 5GHz wifi (802.11n), but not both. I have it do 5GHz wifi, and it does 2.4GHz using a tiny USB dongle for one or two old devices that still need it.

In my opinion, the Fritz!Box 3370 is currently the second best choice if you can't get your hands on a Home Hub 5A. You just need to take care not to buy one of the older production dates (only hardware revisions 2 and up are supported), and you need to open it for a second to have a look at the memory chip used. (But then you need to open a Home Hub or a Wx9xx to install OpenWrt, too.)

There are multiple offers that will ship to germany for ~11-12 EUR shipping costs on top of the 8-15 EUR for a device with OEM firmware (>>10 listed offers, more if you include the two identical variants) or 25-30 EUR for ones preflashed with OpenWrt (~5 listed offers). Include ~5 EUR for a UK style power adaptor into your calculation.

I wouldn't wait until late march though.

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Yeah, is very common in the UK and there are lots in the UK.

As @slh said, make sure it's Type A. It's on a sticker at the bottom of the router, do if the seller don't mention the type in their ad, ask them to confirm. Or maybe better to confirm our send you a photo of the sticker anyway, because some sellers might not know the are types! So better be sure than get it and then it's Tyoe B which you can't flash.

Thank you for your answers.
Since I only need the 5 GHz band and I really like the quality of the AVM products, it will probably be a Fritz!Box 3370.
Is there something I should pay attention to? For example, a new or old revision? Hardware that is different, or something else?
In summary, VDSL with 50Mbitps (in Germany) and 5 GHz work with OpenWrt 18.06 on this device?

The commit liner notes say only hardware revisions 2 and up are supported. I am actually not sure if a "hardware revision 1" ever existed, but there's an easy way to get a later production model. The 3370 has been produced between 2010 and something like 2013, 2014. If you look at the serial number, and most sellers conveniently show it in their auctions, it starts with a letter. A stands for 2010, B for 2011, and so on, so I would choose one that starts with a C. That should get you conveniently into "not revision 1" territory.

As for the basic hardware, the 3370 is not any more or less capable than a Home Box 5A, or a TP-Link W9980, they all use the same SoC. I use a W9980 on a 100/40 line (also in Germany) without any problems, but I also think that it's pretty much the limit of what the chipset can handle. You should be fine with a 50 mbit line, and for anything that goes way beyond something like a 100 mbit line you'd have to look into completely different hardware anyway.

This is a good hint.
Can you explain me what this means:

Since commit 0b62fe5e OpenWrt can be installed using the EVA/Adam2 bootloader. Within the same HW revision 5 of the FRITZ!Box 3370 different NAND flash chips are used and the correct image has to be chosen. Please read the detailed commit message before trying an install.

This means that I should open the box, check wich NAND flash is used an choose the right image??

Exactly. I do not know how if hardware versions other than 5 all have the same flash chip, and if so which one that would be. I would open it anway just to make sure.

Also, I just noticed that this and other 3370-related commits never made it into 18.06, so it would be a good idea to go straight to master snapshots.

So I've ordered a 3370 now. :star_struck:
Serial number begins with E264.XXX so the chances are good.

so it would be a good idea to go straight to master snapshots.

Could you put a link what you mean?
I hope that I will not brick the device... with a 6490 (KDG) I already had to make negative experiences. :confounded:


Thank you.
I'm a bit confused. Why a snapshot and no stable 18.06.2 like on the openwrt page? I noticed that there is a 18.06.2 build, but it seems only for sysupgrade? No kernel etc.

I'm really not a fan of unstable software on a server (due to bad experiences).


Appears you need to do initial install with snapshot and then you can upgrade to release from that.

The reason is:

Does anybody know if I can upgrade from the snapshot to the stable build? @takimata which version do you run, snapshot/stable?

And why if "3370-related commits never made it into 18.06" on the openwrt page current release is 18.06.2 and in the v18.01.0-rc1 Changelog: complete AVM FRITZ!Box 3370 support ?

Very confusing.

Adding initial support (available in 18.06) and improving support (available in snapshots) are two different things.

Yes, you can eventually upgrade to a stable build, but this only makes sense once a new stable (19.x) comes along that includes the 3370 commits. Apparantly they came just a bit too late to be considered for 18.06.

That is indeed confusing. According to the changelog, that commit should be in 18.06. Looking at the 18.06 builds, though, it is clear that it is not.

At the moment I'm running snapshot r7054. As far as I can see that's a rather old snapshot from very shortly after the "full 3370 support" commit came along. It runs perfectly fine and without any problems, and I will probably only upgrade once 19.x comes along.

(Also I just noticed that I completely forgot which make my 3370 flash is, so once I want to upgrade I will probably have to open the case again. :crazy_face: Learn from my mistake and note it on the case or something.)