VDSL point to point firmware

hello there,

I am a newbie here. is there any firmware that supports point to point VDSL connection between 2 modems? this is supported by the VDSL standards! but i could not figure out if it is implemented or not.
anyway as the standard implies, one modem would be configured as CPE as the other modem would be configured as CO.

I believe the term you're looking for is back to back.

There are some modems (not openwrt specific) that support it out of the box, but I found it
easier to get/find a device designed for it, like a pair of Startech VDSL2s extenders or B&B
Electronics' EIS-EXTEND.

I've used both, and they work very well.
Did however retire the B&Bs, because they weren't fast enough for my IP cam streams,
over a point to point copper telephone wire.

thanks for your suggestion, some might find it extremely helpful.
ya well but in my case that i already got 2 modems and would really find it very interesting if i could make a benefit by uploading the open source firmware, if any of it support what m looking for.
I am very curious about doing it although I am still not on track.

there are DSL modems supported by openwrt, if the back to back feature works, I don't know ...

here are the devices, with an openwrt 22.03 filter applied.

CO mode isn't supported on any OpenWrt device. That would require a different driver and likely also a different DSL firmware, both of which don't seem to be available publicly (if they even exist for the DSL platforms supported by OpenWrt).

As @frollic already mentioned, there are some devices that support CO mode out-of-the-box. But unfortunately, it appears that all of them are either old or expensive. Compatibility with non-matching CPE modems may also vary, although at least some can work together with an OpenWrt CPE modem.

While working on DSL drivers in OpenWrt, I successfully used an Allnet ALL126AM2 myself (although that device started becoming somewhat flaky and doesn't reliably achieve a sync anymore). I didn't have any success with a Netsys NV-202 in CO mode, even though it worked fine in CPE mode. Someone in the VRX518 thread was able to get a connection between a Planet VC-231G and a VRX518 modem running OpenWrt.

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In my case I just want to sniff and replicate some VDSL wan (Or even some ADSL) traffic would a VDSL extender will be able to demodulate the VDSL so I can sniff it using a typical Ethernet cable?

probably not, don't think they got the HW for it ...

Actually, what is a VDSL CO mode and what is VDSL CPE mode to begin with?
I went on a duckduckgo on this and I could not find something clear.