VDSL, bufferbloat modem/router combo, vs seperate, dlink 2888A as a modem bridge, & a tplink with openwrt?

I've a vdsl connection 30/5, which I may replace in the near future with a 80/30 Mbps one, anyway, I've a dlink 2888A router sitting around, a tplink VR600 router, & suffer from horrible bufferbloat, I was thinking of getting a tplink archer A7 router "or any other brand really" that can run openwrt, using either of the aforementioned two "2888A or VR600" as a modem in bridge mode, & passing it to the new one "Archer A7" with openWRT, would this solve my bufferbloat, or would having either as a modem in bridge mode be a bottleneck? also is this ideal, or is it hacky, I mainly want to reduce the bufferbloat because it's making the gaming experience quite bad, also would the A7 suffice for both Lan & Wan, I don't really have a gigabit internet so it shouldn't be a problem running CAKE autorate on it, right? also is the performance of it's LAN/WAN while running openWRT satisfactory?

Not supported by OpenWrt.

Not supported by OpenWrt either.

While well supported, it's getting a bit old for new purchases right now - and its performance with sqm/cake (while sufficient fpr 30/5 MBit/s) is a bit marginal for 80/30 MBit/s, look for a slightly faster device instead.

have you even read the post, I know neither the 2888A nor the VR600 are supported by openWRT, I said I wanted to use them in bridge mode as a modem, to pass the pppoe VDSL to the A7, as for the last part, which device do you recommend "something that's budget like the A7, but with sufficient performance to handle 80/30 or 100/50"

80/30 and 100/50 is around what mt7621 is capable SQM wise. But I recommend to buy even more recent device with ARM CPU as it will leave more head room for future needs

I recently got a second hand fritzbox 7520 (the older lantiq vrx518 based version) for around 60 EUR, this is a quad core arm a7 ~@700KHz (EDIT: really ~700 MHz, these a7 cores are efficient, but not that efficient ;), thanks @andyboeh ). While I only use it as bridged modem (running OpenWrt) I think it might actually be performant enough to act as sole modem touter on my nominal 100/40 VDSL2 link (sync 116.7/46.8). This is IPQ40NN, so other routers based on that SoC might do and should be reasonably cheap.

Fortunately, it's MHz :joy:

I like the 7520/7530 very much for their performance and supported VDSL modem. My line is only 60/10, this is easily handled by this device.

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