Various latest versions: firmware selector vs table of hardware

For example Edimax 3g-6200n:

The latest version is not shown correctly for toh. In one case, we get information that the latest version is 17.01.7, which is not true. It is possible that such discrepancies are also for other devices.

Here I can read that:

Supported Since Rel: 15.05
Supported Current Rel: 17.01.7
Image too big: snapshot, 19.07.0, 18.06.0

21.02.3 for my device is not showing up in the list of releases that have been built so far.

However, the Firmware Selector shows that 21.02.3 is available for my device, but it has not been "officially" released yet.

That happens when the release announcement is posted.

Keep in mind that these sources aren't all updated automatically.

My go-to reference is the hardware data page.

I wouldn't worry to much about it at this point.

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The firmware selector is dumb, he just presents you every image he can find, regardless

  • if that image is needed for installation
  • regardless if it is working or not
  • regardless if older versions have been reported too big to save configuration changes.

Have you successfully flashed a 19.07.x image to the Edimax 3g-6200n?

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Yes, I had 19.07.2 but I lost settings after reboot or turnoff. It doesn't create JFFS. More details you can find also in this topic.

Have you tried 19.07.0 and 19.07.1? What was the result?

Yes, take a look here.

So when 18.06 and 19.07 do not work (according to your own information) since the image is too big to save settings, why do you think that the ToH showing 17.01.7 is wrong? The ToH shows the latest known working release, which is not 19.07 and not 18.06, but 17.01.7.

I focused on the synchronization of information between the two sources and the discrepancies. But that explains it all to me:

The ToH shows the latest known working release


The firmware selector is dumb, he just presents you every image he can find

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